5 Summer Safety Tips For Your Vacation Rental

Ashtyn Zussy
Ashtyn Zussy

May 17, 2022

The warmer May temperatures tell us that summertime is right around the corner which means now is the perfect time to safely prepare your vacation rentals for the rapid turnover of inbound guests. Short term rentals have become a preferred accommodation type for modern travelers and it is imperative to adhere to proper safety standards as it plays a key role in providing the best possible experience for your guests. To help prepare for this busy time of year, Breezeway’s Direct of Safety, Justin Ford, recommends 5 summer safety tips for your short-term rental properties to keep guests safe. 

1. Grills

Summertime not only screams warm weather but also the season of BBQs! If you have a grill, be sure to let guests know where to locate a fire extinguisher. It's important to keep guests' safety in mind especially while flipping some burgers! Check out our grill safety video below!


  • Secure open flame grills to a location where they can’t be moved closer than 3 feet to deck railings, house siding or other flammable surfaces.
  • Make sure open flame grills have at least 9 feet of vertical clearance above the flame.
  • Clean any grease or fat buildup at each turnover and this step to your turnover checklist to ensure it's completed.
  • Place signage or warning notices around the area to remind renters to never leave a grill unattended.
  • Keep children at a safe distance away from the grill.
  • Ensure o-rings are checked on propane gas tanks before each tank swap

2. Fire Pits

Everyone loves to gather around the fire pit roasting marshmallows with family & friends after a long day of summer fun. It’s important to instill preventative measures and make guests aware of the safety policies in place so fire pits can be enjoyed.


  • Place signage or warning notices around the area to remind renters to never leave a fire pit unattended.  
  • Wood burning fire pits must have an extinguishing device nearby.  Remind renters to SATURATE the fire pit with water before leaving it unattended.
  • Ensure the area around the firepit is free of trip hazards as trip and fall accidents can occur.
  • Place fire pits atop a fire-resistant surface such as metal pavers or bricks.  Putting it directly on a wood deck or grass can be dangerous if embers fly.
  • Ensure o-rings are checked on propane gas tanks before each tank swap.

3. Pools & Hot Tubs

Pools & Hot Tubs are some of the highlights of summer amenities! While these features can add fun to guests' vacation, they can also be a large liability.


  • Place signage and warning notices to remind renters to never leave a pool or hot tub unattended when children are present and to alert swimmers of water depths.
  • Put a ‘Water Watcher’ program in place to promote safe use of the pool.
  • Make sure pool & hot tub gates close and latch on their own and that all pool alarms are operational with clear instructions on their use.
  • Ensure only professionals are maintaining pool & hot tub chemicals.
  • If it hasn’t been done recently, have a licensed electrician check pool electrical work.

4. Unique Amenities

Offering unique amenities like boats, golf carts, bikes, or mopeds can definitely be a crowd pleaser for guests, but also makes it even more important to implement the right measures to keep them safe.


  • If bikes, golf carts, watercraft or other similar amenities are included with the rental, make sure all are operating as the manufacturer intended.
  • Create a customized checklist to inspect each amenity for proper operation at each turnover.
  • Be sure all amenities are operated by personnel of the appropriate ages.

5. Trees & Fauna:

The scenery surrounding your properties is the curb appeal guests first see when arriving or could be why they chose to stay at your location in the first place. When landscaping your property, it's important to not only consider aesthetic, but any possible hazards. 


  • Inspect trees on the property for dead branches or potential for falling, and if applicable, remove any that may be hazardous.
  • Make sure all paths are clear of overgrown bushes, tree branches or other fauna that may cause trips and falls.
  • Ensure all paths have ample lighting for access at darker hours. 

Looking for more safety information from Justin? Be sure to check out Breezeways comprehensive Safety Review & Home Safety Course.