Setting a New Safety Standard in the Rental Industry

Lizzie Griffin
Lizzie Griffin

January 27, 2022

We are excited to formally relaunch our Breezeway Safety Program to help short-term rental operators uphold guest and property safety. The ‘Home Safety Course’ and ‘Home Safety Review’ are first of their kind in the short-term rental industry, providing operators the resources they need to further professionalize their hospitality business.p>

Safety’s Bigger Role in Short-Term Rentals

“Safety hasn’t always been a word used in the context of short-term rental operations,” says Justin Ford, Head of Safety at Breezeway. “The convergence of safety and quality has changed this though, and many leading operators are now executing standards for safety and regular maintenance across their portfolio.”  

So what property components should be routinely reviewed? Home inspections - which check the structure and permanent features of a property - should be done every five years, whereas routine safety inspections - which inspect the interior and exterior to identify and mitigate potential risks - should be conducted annually. Visual safety checks should also be folded into the turnover process, though Breezeway data shows that over 90% of inspections are not currently inspecting important elements like slip and fall hazards and the mounting of fire extinguishers.

“Safety might not be the most glamorous part of short-term rental management, but it’s one of the hottest trends as the calendar turns to 2022,” Ford continues. “The benefits of maintaining safe operations are significant – more peace of mind for guests and owners, fewer accidents and less liability, and a stronger brand reputation that leads to more referrals and higher conversions at booking.” 

How Breezeway’s Safety Program Works

Justin Ford and our team of property experts developed two pathways through Breezeway’s Safety Program: the ‘Home Safety Course’, and the ‘Home Safety Review’. The ‘Home Safety Review’ equips owners and operators with a free and customized digital inspection account where they can perform safety checks.

The virtual ‘Home Safety Course’ is more educational, and combines data from millions of property inspections, insight from municipal regulations, learnings from thousands of professional managers, analysis of leading resources, and years of vacation rental management experience. 

Self-guided modules take a total of 4 hours to complete, consisting of training materials, checklists, photos, videos, and a digital exam. After completing the course, participants become part of Breezeway’s exclusive safety community, with access to ongoing safety training, support, and other resources. 

The course has already equipped over 250 property managers with the knowledge and tools to implement safety standards across their properties. Jody Moscrip, Rental Manager at Sand Dollar Real Estate, US, shared her praise: “The course afforded me the opportunity to educate and support owners in protecting their investment, and assurance that our guests have safe experiences. I just can't say enough positive things about Breezeway's Safety Program.”

Our commitment to safety through this program and our safety experts has also recently been recognized by Alto Vita for Excellence in Safety & Security at the 2021 Altos Awards.

Helping Property Operators Professionalize 

“Our mission is to elevate the experience at every property, and ensuring property, staff, and guest safety is core to this goal,” says Jeremy Gall, Founder & CEO of Breezeway. “Great operators don’t see each area of their business as distinct - for them, each has its own role to play in maintaining high-quality properties and delivering premier guest experiences.”

Start protecting your homes and guests with Breezeway's Safety Program today.