The Breezeway Buzz from VRMA Orlando!

Brittney Bergevin
Brittney Bergevin

November 3, 2023

🌴✨ The VRMA International Conference in Orlando was more than just an event—it was a whirlwind of innovation, connection, and a whole lot of sunshine. Imagine this: 2500 attendees, each with a desire to learn and connect. From industry leaders to tech enthusiasts, the conference brought together a diverse crew, ready to soak in the latest trends and share a laugh or two. The Breezeway booth was buzzing with excitement and the energy was palpable.

It wasn't just about the impressive numbers; it was about the connections made, the ideas exchanged, and the shared enthusiasm that turned this conference into a true celebration of the vacation rental community. 

Here are our top 3 takeaways from VRMA International 2023 


  1. Innovation Takes Center Stage 💫

    One of the resounding messages from the VRMA 2023 is the pivotal role of technological innovation in the vacation rental industry. As hospitality operators navigate the evolving landscape, there is a growing emphasis on embracing technology partnerships to enhance operational efficiency and guest experiences. Industry leaders advocate for a strategic approach, acknowledging that technology can ‘elevate’ various facets of property management, from automating routine tasks to providing scalability. The message is clear: the right technology can be a game-changer, freeing up valuable time, streamlining processes, and ultimately contributing to the overall success of vacation rental businesses. Of course, it would not be a conference without speaking to the impact of AI. We saw that today, hospitality professionals are using AI to speed up responses to reviews, guest messaging, and daily emails.  It's clear that AI will have an even bigger impact on our industry in the future.

    "I really like how important innovation is to Breezeway, you can tell when you're in the product that feedback is important" - Caio Gansauskas Pavanelli, Owner at PMI Clearwater

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  2. Consistency is Key 🔑

    Consistency emerged as a key theme, emphasizing its critical role in ensuring positive guest experiences and fostering long-term success. From maintaining high-quality standards to delivering reliable services, the industry is rallying around the notion that consistency builds trust and brand loyalty among guests. Sessions at the conference underscored the importance of establishing and adhering to operational workflows that enhance property care and influence broader aspects of business strategy, guest relations, and owner relations. The dedication to operational excellence is recognized as a professional standard and is increasingly seen as a strategic differentiator in a competitive market. By prioritizing consistency, vacation rental professionals set the stage for enduring positive relationships with guests, owners, and operators.

    Brandreth Canaley and Will Slickers from Good Morning Hospitality stopped by the booth for a live interview with our CEO Jeremy Gall, VP of Lake Tahoe Accommodations, Annie Schnaubelt, and CEO of Well & Good Property Services, Jonathan Wicks. Listen to these experts chat about trends, topics, and the importance of consistency in the field here! Plus they shared their favorite Breezeway features 📊

  3. Elevating the Role of Field Teams 👥

    The VRMA conference shed light on the indispensable role of support teams within the vacation rental industry. Whether it's guest services, maintenance teams, or service providers, there was a collective acknowledgment of their contribution to the overall success and reputation of vacation rental businesses. In an industry where guest satisfaction is paramount, the importance of responsive and reliable support cannot be overstated. Breakout sessions highlighted the significance of building robust processes to promptly address guest needs, ensure property readiness, and handle issues seamlessly. The commitment to operational excellence, as recognized in awards such as VRHP's Housekeeping Team of the Year winner, Well & Good Property Services, and VRMA's Vacation Rental Company of the Year winner, Seaside Vacations, underscores the industry's appreciation to support teams in maintaining professionalism, driving quality, and delivering exceptional guest service.

IMG_4245 copy🎉 As we wrap up the conference season, it's not just the insights and tech tips we're taking with us—it's the laughter, the new friends, and the buzzing excitement that filled the Breezeway booth. Can we say, what a ride!

The vacation rental industry isn’t just property management; it's about the people behind the scenes, the stories shared, and the collective passion we all bring to the table. Here's to more laughter, learning, and incredible connections in 2024. See you on the next adventure! 🚀