The Ultimate Airbnb Plus Inspection Checklist

Ben Firn
Ben Firn

January 14, 2020

Airbnb Plus is an exclusive collection of high-quality homes known for their unique experiences and luxurious amenities. What are the benefits to listing on Airbnb Plus? Professionals accepted into the program enjoy a verified badge, categorized placement in search results, interior design advice, editorial suggestions, professional photography, and access to premier customer support. 

To be accepted the applicant needs to have (1) maintained a 4.8 average rating or higher, (2) accepted at least 95% of booking requests, and (3) not canceled any reservations over the past year. Listings must include an entire area with a private bathroom, and be located where the program is available. 

Once eligible, applicants complete a home checklist and remote visual assessment, and must pass a home visit with a third-party inspector. This inspection is comprehensive, performed using a one hundred-point checklist to assess the accommodation for thoughtful design, useful amenities, quality appliances, and fully-stocked spaces. 

After working with thousands of luxurious vacation rentals, we've compiled a 'practice test' to help you prepare for your Airbnb Plus inspection. 

Airbnb Plus Inspection Checklist - Purposeful Design

- Check the property for character and thoughtfully arranged decor

  • Each room has a variety of details that work together to create a cohesive style
  • The details in your home tell a story and inspire the people who stay in it
  • Rooms don't feel empty, and everything visible is either functional or a design detail
  • The function and layout of each room are carefully considered
  • Your home features pieces that elevate its look and feel 

Airbnb Plus Inspection Checklist - General Maintenance

- Ensure the property is clean and filled with appliances that are intuitive to use

  • Every aspect of the space is impeccably clean and free of dirt, dust, hair and stains
  • All lighting, appliances, and other electronics function correctly 
  • Ensure wires and cables are hidden from sight
  • Every item and element is well-made, installed correctly, and free of damage
  • Ensure the outdoor spaces have minimal weeds and clutter 

Airbnb Plus Inspection Checklist - Guest Check-In

- Make sure processes are in place to facilitate a smooth guest check-in

  • Are there digital check-in instructions that include at least one photo?
  • Make sure there is a printed house manual to orient the guest to the property 
  • Does it include WiFi info, checkout procedures, and emergency contacts?
  • Ensure that 24/7 check-in is available for guests who check in after hours
  • Is there a lockbox, keypad, door person, smart lock, or nearby host?

Airbnb Plus Inspection Checklist - Privacy & Safety

- Ensure your accommodation is a private and safe space 

  • Make sure the entry to your listing has a lock
  • Do all bedrooms have a door with a lock?
  • Do the bedroom and bathroom windows have frosted glass or window coverings?
  • Ensure this is a smoke detector and that it works correctly 
  • Ensure there is a carbon monoxide detector and that it works correctly 

Airbnb Plus Inspection Checklist - Equipment Basics

- Make sure your rental is stocked with at least basic equipment 

  • Is there a TV or projector with functional cable or streaming?
  • Make sure the rental has WiFi and that is works correctly 
  • Are download speeds at least 5Mbps?
  • Is there a steamer (or an iron and ironing board)?
  • Make sure there is an air conditioner or fan that sufficiently cools the space
  • Make sure there is a heater that sufficiently heats the space

Airbnb Plus Inspection Checklist - Beverage Items

- Make sure your rental is stocked with beverage supplies

  • Is bottled or filtered water available?
  • Make sure there is coffee, a coffee maker, and filters (not required in Asia)
  • Make sure there is tea and a tea kettle (only required in Asia)
  • Are packets of sugar available?

Airbnb Plus Inspection Checklist - Kitchen

- Make sure you offer at least one kitchen or kitchenette (if apartment, studio, or guest house)

  • Make sure there is a microwave, stovetop, or hot pate 
  • Are there at least two burners or hot plate (only required if full kitchen)?
  • Make sure there is a refrigerator 
  • Is the refrigerator full-sized (only required if full kitchen)?
  • Is there a kitchen sink?
  • Make sure there is hot and cold water with strong water pressure
  • Is the kitchen stocked with supplies?
  • Is there a large knife, bread knife, and paring knife?
  • Is there a cutting board?
  • Are there two pots and two pans of any size?
  • Are there at least four utensil sets (set contains a fork, knife, and spoon)?
  • Make sure there are at least four plates, bowls, glasses, and mugs
  • Is there a spatula?
  • Is there a sponge or cleaning brush?
  • Make sure there is dish soap
  • Ensure there is a garbage can with a garbage bag 
  • Is there at least one roll of paper towels?
  • Is there a bottle and wine opener?

Airbnb Plus Inspection Checklist - Bedrooms

- Make sure you offer at least one private bedroom (or studio)

- Make sure the beds are clean and presentable 

  • Does the mattress sag or squeak?
  • Make sure there is a bed frame or covered box spring (unless futon or tatami mat)
  • Check that the sheets are bedspread fit the bed (unless duvet with cover or quilt)
  • Are there two pillows on each single bed?
  • Are there four pillows on each full, queen, or kind bed?

- Is there a luggage rack, drawer, or shelf for the guest's items?

  • Are there at least four non-wire hangers to hang clothes?

Airbnb Plus Inspection Checklist - Bathrooms

- Make sure you offer at least one full and private washroom

  • Is there a flushable toilet with a seat?
  • Is there a bathroom sink?
  • Make sure there is hot and cold water with strong water pressure 
  • Is there a large mirror (cannot be handheld)?
  • Is there a bathtub or shower (required if full bathroom)?

- Is the bathroom stocked with supplies?

  • Ensure there are at least two rolls of toilet paper 
  • Are there at least four hand towels?
  • Are there at least four bath towels (required if full bathroom)?
  • Is there a bottle of shampoo (cannot be 2-in-1)
  • Is there a bottle of conditioner (cannot be 2-in-1)
  • Make sure there is hand soap (required if full bathroom)
  • Make sure there is body soap (required if full bathroom)

For a printable version of this checklist, head to our learning section and download our Airbnb Plus Checklist.

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Is there a bathtub or shower (required if full bathroom)?