What Should be on your Rental Inspection Checklist?

Emily Hancock
Emily Hancock

December 4, 2019

Successful inspection programs hinge on leveraging as much operational data as possible - including appliance serial numbers, HVAC maintenance history, dates of last chimney clean, trends in pH levels, linen count, average time to clean, among many others. In order to leverage this data, it first needs to be collected. Capturing this level of detailed data is difficult with paper checklists and excel spreadsheets, and transforming them into actionable insights is near impossible.

By using digital checklists to capture in-the-field interactions, managers are able to build robust property profiles for each property. After reviewing more than one thousand different inspection checklists, and helping managers perform a half-million inspections, we've compiled a pre-arrival inspection checklist for your short-term rental properties. This inspection checklist has 54 requirements, compared to the average length of 32 requirements, and should be tailored to your standard cleaning programs so you can ensure each property is ready for guest check-in.


- Are all doors locked and working correctly? 

- Are the deck and balcony clean?

  • Check for rotten boards and safety hazards
  • Check that railways are secure and sturdy 

- Is the garage clean and accessible?

  • Ensure the garage code works correctly

- Are there any leaves or debris on the patio?

- Ensure the grill is ready for use

  • Is the propane tank full?
  • Are the grates rusty or coated with food particles?
  • Ensure the grease trap is empty 

- Ensure the hot tub is clean and working correctly 

  • Check that the filter is clean
  • Rate the condition of the cover
  • Set the temperature to 104 degrees

- Ensure the pool is clean and working correctly 

  • Make sure the cover is on
  • Check for leaves at the bottom or in the filter
  • Is the pool heater working?
  • Are the pool lights working?

- Walk the exterior of the home and make sure it looks presentable 

  • Turn on the exterior light for arrivals


- Is the home interior clean and ready for the guest to arrive?

  • Make sure all of the lights work
  • Make sure all windows are locked and functioning correctly 

- Does the WiFi work and display the network and password?

- Set the thermostat to cool in the summer, heat in the winter

- Is the welcome book present?


- Check to make sure there is a first aid kit

- Check to make sure there is a fire extinguisher

- Use reference photo to ensure the room appears as shown

  • Ensure all floors, counters and other surfaces are clean
  • Run garbage disposal to make sure it's working and there's no smell
  • Is the trash can empty with a new bag?
  • Restock kitchen supplies
  • Leave 1-2 rolls of paper towels under the sink
  • Leave dish soap and dishwasher pods under the sink
  • Leave new sponge on counter next to sink
  • Leave 2 extra trash bags and kitchen towels under the sink
  • Is the pump soap full?

- Make sure the dishwasher is clean and empty

  • Ensure the dishwasher is empty and doesn't smell
  • Fill with rinse aid

- Make sure the fridge and freezer are clean and ready for use

  • Are the shelves clean and empty?
  • Make sure there is no old ice in the freezer

- Check the microwave for cleanliness 

  • Have the interior, exterior and turntable been wiped down?
  • Are all the buttons functioning correctly?
  • Is the clock set to the accurate time?

- Check the oven for cleanliness

  • Make sure interior, exterior and knobs are clean
  • Check under range hood for grease in vent
  • Ensure the oven doors are free of streaks and smudges
  • Is the clock set to the accurate time?

- Ensure the sink is clean

  • Run water to test temperature and pressure
  • Make sure the backsplash and faucet are clean

- Check that the toaster is free of crumbs

- Make sure the coffee maker is free of used coffee grounds 


- Use reference photo to ensure the room is ready for guests

  • Check the dresser and closet for personal belongings
  • Do the drawers easily open and shut?
  • Bag and tag and found items 
  • Is the floor clean?
  • Has the carpet been vacuumed?
  • Have the floors been swept/mopped?
  • Is the ceiling fan functioning correctly?
  • Are the mirrors and picture frames free of streaks, spots and fingerprints?

- Make sure the closet is clean and organized

  • Are there extra pillows and blankets folded on the shelf?
  • Remove any wire hangers

- Check the TV and remotes for cleanliness and function

  • Ensure the TV is plugged in and set to local channel
  • Make sure the remotes are clean and placed next to the TV

- Make sure the beds are clean and presentable

  • Are the beds made with hospital corners?
  • Use reference photo to ensure pillows meet brand standards
  • Are there pillow protectors on all bed pillows?
  • Are the pillow cases, protectors, or shams stained?
  • Do the shams match the bed?
  • Are the bedspreads straight and wrinkle free?
  • Check to be sure there are no items or trash under the bed


- Use reference photo to ensure the room is ready for guests

  • Has the floor been mopped?
  • Are there any broken/chipped tiles?

- Make sure the faucet is working correctly 

  • Run water to test temperature and pressure
  • Is the faucet shiny?

- Are the shower and bathtub spotless?

  • Is the tub grout clean and free of soap scum?
  • Are the shower curtain and liners clean?
  • Are the shower doors free of streaks and smudges?
  • Rate the water pressure

- Is the toilet clean and working correctly?

  • Does the toilet look spotless, including base, lid, handle and seat?
  • Flush the toilet to ensure there are no leaks and that it drains correctly

- Make sure the vanity and mirror are spotless

  • Check all drawers for leftover items
  • Have the mirrors and glass been cleaned?
  • Is there a hair dryer?

- Is the bathroom stocked with supplies?

  • Ensure there is 1 bath mat per tub/shower
  • Are there 2 extra rolls of toilet paper under the sink?
  • Are there 2 hand towels per full bath, and 1 per half bath?
  • Ensure toiletries are stocked (shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and lotion)

Living Room

- Use reference photo to ensure the room furniture is arranged as shown

  • Is the ceiling fan operable?
  • Report any furniture or carpet stains that need extracting
  • Check under the couch and all furniture for debris and items left behind
  • Make sure the sleeper sofa has clean mattress pad and sheets
  • Check the TV and remotes for cleanliness and function
  • Ensure the TV is plugged in and set to local channel
  • Make sure the remotes are clean and placed next to the TV

- Is the fireplace working correctly?

  • If gas, make sure the pilot light is lit
  • If wood, make sure the tools are clean and the flue is closed

- Are the floors and carpets spotless?

- Have the windows been cleaned?

Dining Room

- Use reference photo to ensure the room is arranged correctly

  • Is the table clean and streak free?
  • Are the placemats clean and stain free?

- Ensure the windowsills and blinds are clean

- Are the floors and carpets spotless?

Laundry Room

- Check the washer for cleanliness

  • Open the door and make sure the washer is empty
  • Check that there is no grime in the seal
  • Keep washer door cracked open

- Check the dryer for cleanliness 

  • Open the door and make sure the dryer is empty 
  • Check that the lint trap has been cleaned
  • Check dryer vent on the exterior of the property

For a printable version of this checklist, head to our learning section and download our inspection checklist guide. 




Check that railways are secure and sturdy