Overcome the Hurdle of Starting a Vacation Rental

Ashtyn Zussy
Ashtyn Zussy

September 12, 2022

Starting your first vacation rental is a very exciting project, but it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start and what to prioritize. Various challenges come with owning a rental property - and if left unchecked can make or break your brand in this competitive market. To help owners looking to make the most out of their investment, Breezeway has compiled ways to overcome the hurdles of renting your first property. 

1) Establish confidence in property readiness

One of the most important hurdles to overcome is consistently executing an exceptional first impression during every stay. When it comes to check-in, first, put yourself in your guests' shoes to truly set the tone for how they internalize your brand. Think about what the most important things guests seek within the first 5 minutes of their stay and establish a property care program to ensure every touch point is being completed to your brand standards. You can further streamline your property operations with the help of a robust tech stack that allows for customization for every property so that nothing falls through the cracks.

2) Source trusted field staff

It's no secret that sourcing quality crews is fundamental to providing a 5-star-guest experience. In addition to preparing your property for the next guest, field staff are the eyes and ears for your property. Once you build a good relationship with your cleaning and maintenance partners, they can help alert you to any potential problems at the property or help identify if any preventative maintenance is needed. Property maintenance and repairs are unavoidable so it's best to catch them before it becomes a risk to future bookings. When searching for trustworthy teams be sure to get referrals, set realistic expectations, and offer competitive wages. Check out our August ELEVATE webinar for more actionable insights when it comes to sourcing trusted maintenance staff.

3) Educate yourself on regulations

Whether you’re new to the vacation rental industry or a seasoned super-host, it’s vital that you stay up to speed with the vacation rental rules and regulations in your local area. It's important to inform yourself and your team routinely as any violation of any of these rules can jeopardize the future of your business. While it can be tough to keep up with the ever-evolving regulations, one way to eliminate the stress of staying compliant is to join local committees and boards. Aligning with industry experts allows you to network within a space of like-minded individuals while advocating for the industry.

4) Deliver 5-star service

Guest expectations have evolved over the past two years which has changed the daily operations for owners and operators.  Max Farley, CEO of sojo, sheds light on the importance of treating every guest like a VIP, “Vacations are a very personal experience for the guests, and the more we treat it as such, the more the guests will appreciate it and feel like a VIP.” It's important to never forget that we are in the hospitality business and it's all about that five-star guest experience! Thoughtful touches, big or small, can make your brand stand out to your guests while increasing the potential for a 5-star review.

Good News!

Breezeway's property care and operations platform can help you scale your short tern rental. With tools for intelligent task scheduling, quality assurance, real-time work coordination, guest messaging, supplies management, owner reporting, and more, Breezeway is elevating the experience at every property.

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