Meet our New Partner OwnerRez!

Devyn LaCamera
Devyn LaCamera

January 6, 2023

Breezeway is excited to announce our latest partnership with the management tool, OwnerRez. We had the pleasure of connecting with Paul Hall, Head of Partnerships & Marketing at OwnerRez, and dug into how the tool provides the "experience of elite" to the vacation rental industry.

Tell us about OwnerRez's background and what vision the company was founded on.

OwnerRez is internationally recognized as a leader in the vacation rental industry for channel management, CRM, PM, accounting, messaging, and websites. We integrate with all major vacation rental channels to seamlessly sync availability, rates, rules and listing content. We help operators build their own modern fast website, process payments directly, manage inquiries, and deliver e-sign renter agreements. We're really good software engineers, but we're also vacation rental homeowners and property managers. For more than a decade, we have devoted ourselves to providing really good vacation rental experiences for guests. Now, we devote our time to providing software for vacation rental owners and PMs.

How many different tools and technologies does OwnerRez integrate with, and why do you think managers have expanded their technology stack in recent years?

We integrate with hundreds! It's important to adopt new technologies into your tech stack to ensure you are maximizing your profits and automating everything that can be.

What makes the Breezeway - OwnerRez integration so special? How can professional managers use the integration to optimize their day-to-day work?

Some larger operations have more complicated scheduling needs, including housekeeping, maintenance, and other support staff calls, and to meet this need, OwnerRez has partnered with Breezeway. Breezeway is well-known in the industry, and we've been looking forward to this integration for some time now.

How would you differentiate OwnerRez's capabilities from other similar tools on the market?

We are internationally recognized as a leader in the vacation rental industry for channel management, CRM, PM, accounting, messaging, and websites. Instead of using third-party managers, we built direct partnerships with the major channels. Our connections are lightning-fast, clean, and simple. And it means we don't need to charge you a percentage of your revenue.

What gaps did you see in the tech landscape when launching OwnerRez?

The big issue we saw was handling inquiry emails and syncing calendars. The idea of syncing listing content (photos, amenities, description), rates, and rules was a far-off fantasy that had never entered our minds.

During the early years, we kept reviewing new products but kept coming up empty. Some tools helped us manage the physical properties (e.g., cleaning) but didn't offer ways to book. Others only concentrated on booking features but didn't let us sell add-ons like Travel Insurance or search and report well. Almost none of the tools integrated with our website, and the ones that did were clumsy and inefficient. We wanted to be able to generate custom quotes that didn't reserve time until the guests finalized it themselves. In fact, we wanted guests to do just about everything themselves - including entering their own credit card information - and we wanted all this in a beautiful, modern application that was light, fast, and powerful.

We knew what features should have been available because we knew how we would have built them. But we couldn't find what we wanted - so we got to work.

Lastly, what is one key takeaway people should know about OwnerRez, and where can they go to learn more

Here at OwnerRez, we love connecting with the vacation rental community. Participating and putting on our own webinars is a great way of doing this. Every week we host a live demo webinar that anyone can register for. This webinar gives a high-level demonstration of how OwnerRez looks across all of its menus and features. We also offer a free 14-day trial and have an excellent Setup Checklist support doc.

Visit our integration page to learn more about how Breezeway and OwnerRez work together.