Get to Know PMS Platform, LMPM.

Ashtyn Zussy
Ashtyn Zussy

June 8, 2022

Meet Lightmaker, Breezeways newest integration partner! The LMPM and Breezeway integration enables users to view check-in/check-out, property, and guest data across platforms in real-time. The seamless connection enables short-term rental operators to harness data from their tech stack, and use tools to power their field operations and guest communication. We sat down with our new industry partner to learn the origins of the platform, what sets Lightmaker apart from other VR softwares, and what predictions they have for the upcoming busy summer season.

There are so many different software solutions for property managers to choose from when building their technology stack. What gaps did you see in the tech landscape and how did this factor in when founding Lightmaker?

There are two kinds of PMS systems…ones with accounting and ones without.  All of the market leaders that offer accounting are powered by antiquated technology and LMPM saw an opportunity to level up the industry with next-generation property management software. We’ve used modern development methodologies and best practices to power our real-time platform, powerful e-commerce websites and our industry leading trust accounting system.

 How does Lightmaker approach customizing websites for managers? Any opinion on the ideal split between direct bookings and those sourced from OTAs? 

We utilize Wordpress 5.8+ with advanced widgets to power our infinitely extensible, e-commerce websites. We provide endless design capabilities and our sites are extremely easy to manage and control. You don’t need to know how to write code! 

LMPM believes that all property managers should have a healthy mix of booking sources but should aim for at least 50% direct booking. Our powerful trip manager and e-commerce oriented websites help our clients work towards that goal.

 How does Lightmaker closely partner with short-term rental managers to help them scale their business and save time? Any interesting trends you’re seeing for this busy season?

The Lightmaker team is an extension of our clients’ business. We do a ton of listening and provide expert consultancy to help our clients grow.This busy season we are continuing to see increased demand and a shift in market share towards direct bookings!

What makes the Breezeway - Lightmaker integration so special? How can professional managers use the integration to optimize their day-to-day work? 

The integration provides LMPM clients a pathway to utilize all of the powerful features that Breezeway offers and establishes a seamless cohesion between FOH and BOH teams.

“We’re very excited about our new partnership with Lightmaker. Short-term rental managers need the tools and systems they use to work in tandem with one another, and that’s what Breezeway’s integration with Lightmaker now provides. This means professional managers can spend less time coordinating and communicating information with teams, and more time providing better guest experiences.” - Peter Andruszkiewicz, Head of Business Development at Breezeway

What’s one key takeaway people should know about Lightmaker, and where can they go to learn more?

LMPM is next generation property manager software with an accounting core. Our unit-tested code base ensures we have ZERO technical debt as we scale the system to meet the ever changing needs of the industry. LMPM is the “Tesla” of property management software!! Check out to learn more.

To learn more about how Breezeway & Lightmaker work together, visit our integrations page.