Breezeway Featured on Good Morning America

Ashtyn Zussy
Ashtyn Zussy

September 6, 2022

This Labor Day weekend, Breezeway’s Director of Safety & Certifications, Justin Ford, made an appearance on Good Morning America! Check out the segment!

During the segment, Justin toured a beautiful Breezeway Safety reviewed vacation rental in Maine to showcase the top safety tips guests need to be mindful of upon check in. While arriving at a new vacation home is exciting, guests should pay attention to a few areas in the rental before unpacking their bags. 


To recap, we've outlined a few tips for guests to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable stay at their vacation rental property:  

  • Walk through the rental home and make sure you understand all safety features within the home. Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t look right or appear to be safe, don’t be afraid to speak up so the property manager or host can answer your questions or address it. 
  • Ensure the smoke & carbon monoxide detectors are working properly by testing them. Smoke alarms should be newer than 10 years old. If they are yellow or off-white, this might be an indication that they need to be replaced!
  • All rental homes in the U.S. are required to have a fire extinguisher within 30 feet of cooking appliances - this includes gas grills. Make sure you can easily access the fire extinguisher in the kitchen, that it’s charged, and that you feel comfortable operating it. 
  • Outdoor grills should be in a location that's a safe distance away from the rental. They should light with the built-in ignitors - as opposed to using a match or grill lighter stick. If the grill doesn’t light as it should, get in touch with the host or manager to have them replace the ignitor.
  • Wood burning fire pits should be saturated with water to ensure the fire is completely out. 

Breezeway is helping national associations, professional managers, and owners increase the quality and safety of rental homes through training programs and safety inspections. Owners use our tools to complete their own safety review, showcase their commitment to safety on their rental listing, and even save on their homeowners insurance.