Property Operations that ELEVATE Vacation Rentals

Jeremiah Gall
Jeremiah Gall

March 4, 2021

Next week Breezeway is hosting Elevate, our inaugural property operations summit and the first of it’s kind for the short-term rental industry. We’re bringing together an incredible group of operators, industry experts and leading voices, with more than 40 speakers for our live, virtual conference on March 9th and 10th.

Our summit is focused on how property operations and service are critical to the success of the short-term rental category. There are 14 sessions in total, including how rental supply is converging with hotels, new trends in technology and point solutions, outsourcing service and optimizing team efficiency, and exploring the interplay between responsible rental operations, safety and the regulatory landscape.

We are thrilled to have a wide range of speakers, from large multinational brands to local housekeeping supervisors who provide real perspective and experience in the vacation rental industry. The panelists will share insights and best practices to help operators meet the demands of clients, provide professional guest experiences, and run a successful rental management business. 

A tremendous amount of detailed work is necessary to deliver a predictable hospitality experience at unique homes. How effectively this work is conducted has increasingly broad implications on the success of the short-term rental industry.

The guest experience depends on detailed property preparation and concierge service offerings. Getting this right differentiates a rental brand and the property. Getting it wrong, however, alienates guests and reduces revenue potential. Rigorous preventative maintenance and safety measures are part of a new baseline of property operations that we can’t take for granted. Finally, the care and active, responsible management of rentals is crucial for creating a positive relationship in the community and regulatory narrative for rentals. However, meeting these operational challenges comes at a cost, often the largest variable cost for managers. As marketing and technology expenses continue to rise, controlling variable costs by automating operational functions has never been more important.

As an industry, we all have a common interest in ensuring and delivering quality experiences at vacation rentals, shared across individual operators, owners, guests, regulators, and online booking platforms.

Join us for the first conference dedicated to this topic, and be part of the conversation on how  leveraging property operations and services will Elevate the vacation rental category and accelerate its growth.