Meet our New Partner RentalWise!

Ashtyn Zussy
Ashtyn Zussy

November 8, 2022

We sat down with Bryan Leblang, CEO & Strategic Advisor at RentalWise, to learn the origins of the platform, what sets RentalWise apart from other VR software, and their predictions for travel trends in 2023. Read on for the full interview below. 

Tell us a little bit about RentalWise.

RentalWise was born from the collaborative experience of our founding team, with over fifty combined years leading some of the most successful companies in the vacation rental industry. Over our careers we've built our first PMS in 2007, sold a vacation rental business to Accor Hotels, connected the first Australian PMC to Airbnb, owned and operated multiple property management companies, and much more. The RentalWise platform represents the synthesis of 15 years of collaboration, experience and know-how with vacation rentals, all distilled into a single platform.


What do you think the future looks like for the vacation rental industry? What opportunities and challenges lie ahead?

We’ve seen many trends over the past fifteen years. In general, Rentalwise is very optimistic about the prospects for growth in the sector. When we first started, vacation rentals were referred to as ‘alternative accommodations’ and were certainly second fiddle to hotels. The term vacation rentals, and more importantly the usage by travelers, is now widespread. We’ve even had it driven into our lexicon with new nouns like renting an ‘Airbnb’. The fear, if any, is that OTAs are becoming quite powerful and owners and managers alike need to beware of oversaturating their reservations with a single distributor.


How many different tools and technologies does RentalWise integrate with alongside Breezeway? How can professional managers use the integration to optimize their day-to-day work?

RentalWise is an all-in-one solution for any needs of homeowners and property managers. To this end, our open-API allows users to connect almost any tool or system with some development. As we understand that most users want a system to use right out of the box, we deliver that too! RentalWise offers users several key integrations within the core platform. We’ve picked market-leading companies for the most significant business needs of vacation rental operators and ensured our default integrations are stellar products. 

  • Free Website Generator
  • Free Channels: Airbnb, VRBO, Booking, Google Travel
  • For Extended Channels: Rentals United
  • For Operations: Breezeway
  • For Credit Cards: Stripe
  • For Guest Verification: SuperHog

How would you differentiate RentalWise capabilities from other similar tools on the market?

RentalWise is one of the only true open-API vacation rental platforms currently available. Users will find many of the same core functionalities offered by competitors, including PMS, Booking Engine, Website Generator, Free Channels, Extended Channels, Operations Integration, Payments, Reservations, CRM, Guest Verification, etc. What we find is our differentiator is our experience. We are not a tech company building products for vacation rental companies. We are vacation rental company operators who have refined our software over many years and are now offering it to a wider audience. We have crafted each feature of the platform as if we were using it ourselves…because we do!


What's one key takeaway people should know about RentalWise, and where can they go to learn more?

We stand behind our platform and we’ve proven over many years that we can start, operate and sell successful vacation rental companies. Users can sign up for a free-trial and begin instantly by importing properties directly from Airbnb or creating them quickly with our wizard.


To learn more about how Breezeway and RentalWise work together, visit our integrations page.