7 Cleaning Products that Vacation Rentals Pros Love

Koryn Okey
Koryn Okey

July 21, 2023

Our monthly webinar series, ELEVATE, focuses on relevant topics geared towards helping operators grow their short-term rental businesses.

In our July series, we focused on ‘Getting Guest Ready: Leveling Up Your Vacation Rental Cleans’ with industry experts Sean Kemper (ETI Solutions), Brittany Blackman (Breathe Easy Rentals), and Dawn Meade (30A Luxury Vacation).

During this session, the experts recommended a number of items they use in their daily operations so we’re putting together this list for additional items you should consider adding to your cleaner or inspector’s bags!

Best Vacation Rental Cleaning Products

1. Grand Reaper

This rubber brush lasts 10x longer than traditional straw brooms and is great for carpets or rugs to brush up pet hair. It also has a squeegee to push away water (we love multi-purpose tools!). Sean suggested this product to Brittany as she was looking for recommendations to remove sand from homes.   

2. Drop & Go Products

This new offering is great to easily arm your cleaners with the necessary products. They’ll see perfect dilution every time and offer reusable bottles to save on waste. Not to mention, a case fits in the palm of your hand saving you space, time and money.

3. Electric Spin Brush

This is a great option for cleaning showers and baths. With multiple heads, this multipurpose tool is great for removing calcium buildup from shower doors. Brittany has seen great success with this.

4. Polishing Cleanser

Recommended by all panelists and endorsed by attendees! This Polishing Cleanser is a thick non-abrasive polishing compound for shower glass doors, cooktop stoves, sinks, toilets, outside windows from salt build-up and even inside ovens. This is a safe product that smells great and rinses very easily with zero residue. Plus, you can use it with the electric spin brush!  

5. Folex

Sold as a carpet and stain remover, this product has multiple uses. A similar alternative, Seans Ezee Blue-HD, offers a more economical alternative and is concentrated, ensuring safety.

6. Cobra Strike

Heavy duty tile & grout cleaner, Cobra Strike is an excellent cleaner and degreaser with a wide range of applications. It performs well in hot, cold, or hard water conditions and is highly concentrated for maximum economy of use. It enjoys the quality of being an excellent tile and grout cleaner as well as an effective general purpose cleaner and degreaser for floors, walls, porcelain, and chrome.

7. Spor-Go

The group agreed bleach is not always the answer so Sean recommended Spor-Go, which is a natural mold & mildew cleaner. Spor-Go contains no harsh acids, bleach, or alkalines. Safe on all surfaces and will leave no residue.

Big thanks to Sean, Brittany, and Dawn for sharing their expertise in this engaging session. If you’re interested in learning more or placing an order for any of the products provided by ETI Solutions, contact Sean directly.