Summer 2022 Trends with NoiseAware

Ashtyn Zussy
Ashtyn Zussy

September 20, 2022

As the summer season is coming to an end, we connected with NoiseAware to learn more about the peak volume levels that occurred this busy season, and how this season's noise monitoring trends have brought a positive impact to operators.

As we look back at Summer 2022 and all the unforgettable experiences operators provided for guests, what was the peak month for volume levels and AutoResolve alerts at vacation rentals?

While the whole summer has been a strong one for vacation-rental bookings—and has seen the expected rise in noise issues we see every summer—July was definitely the peak month for noise. NoiseAware tracked 49,503 noise alerts during July. These are instances where noise rose above thresholds or quiet hours set by hosts or property managers. And we’re not talking about “sudden” or brief noises like a burst of laughter or a slammed door (NoiseAware won’t send alerts about these). These are sustained-noise events that are likely to bother neighbors or lead to parties or property damage. NoiseAware alerts users to these issues as soon as they happen, slashing response time and preventing neighbor complaints, police intervention, parking and trash problems, and damage.

Also: July was our biggest summer month for our new AutoResolve guest messaging feature, which resolves noise issues automatically through direct guest messaging. AutoResolve, which is enabled through Breezeway, detected 2285 elevated-noise events during that month, and another 2,207 in August.


Given July was the busiest month for volume levels, can you tell us more about the data that goes into detecting the noise levels in a home and how/why you see this spike?

The great thing about both our indoor and outdoor sensors is that they sit quietly and unobtrusively at rental properties, giving users insight into what’s happening between check-in and check-out. So, when summer travel ramps up, and guests are more likely to get a little rowdy while on vacation, NoiseAware is right there, ready to protect you. 

Our sensors don’t record anything or identify specific sounds. Instead, they measure decibel levels over time, and then use our proprietary Noise Risk Score to determine problem noise events—i.e., not just normal guest sounds, but elevated noise that’s likely to upset neighbors, solicit complaints, indicate a party in progress or be associated with other nuisances like trash or property damage. And because we don’t record or identify specific sounds or individuals, guests’ privacy is fully protected, too.

Summer is always a busy time for leisure travel. And leisure travelers, especially now that COVID’s rollercoaster lockdowns and cautions and restrictions are now lifting, tend to want to have fun while on vacation. Which is awesome! Our goal is to preserve a great guest experience, while giving guests a nudge to lower the volume when they may be at risk of bothering neighbors or getting out of hand. Most of the time, guests don’t even realize they’re being too loud or rowdy. We ensure they keep noise at an acceptable level, especially during nighttime “quiet hours,” when neighbors want to sleep. 

We’re also the first defense against actual troublemakers, who may be renting with the intent of having an unauthorized party. These problem guests are rare, but more frequent during the summer months, when festivals, events, and plain-old party vibes are at peak season.


What positive impacts has AutoResolve messaging brought to operators during this busy season and how does it help mitigate alerts faster?

When noise spikes above the threshold that you set, our AutoResolve feature in connection with Breezeway, sends your booked guest a gentle text message asking them to turn down the volume. If the elevated noise continues, they get a second, more urgent message. 

In 90% of cases, AutoResolve solves the noise issue in under 30 minutes—usually with just that first text. No management intervention, no late-night property visit, no added labor cost. 

And with our MirrorMessaging feature, you or your staff will also be messaged when AutoResolve messages are sent to the guest, if you want to be alerted in real time.

Plus, with our new ResolutionReport feature, you can opt in to receive a daily digest of all the previous night’s noise events across your portfolio. So if you’ve seen that certain properties have tended to spike at certain times during the summer, you’ll be better prepared to take proactive measures for the upcoming holiday travel season, for example.


Summertime fun can also attract larger crowds when they are the least expected. What impact has NoiseAware’s CrowdControl feature brought to operators this summer?

CrowdControl has been fantastic for single-family-home hosts and managers who have party-prone properties, or simply wanted to make sure that unauthorized crowds weren’t gathering this past summer. By detecting the number of wireless signals at a property, and combining this information with historic data about typical occupancy levels at the property, CrowdControl can warn when it looks like occupancy is spiking quickly or getting out of control. This information, combined with noise data, gives NoiseAware users a great tool to stop parties or crowds in their tracks, during the holiday travel season, when local festivals or major sports events are happening, or any time of year.

To learn more about how Breezeway & NoiseAware work together, visit our integrations page.