Simplifying Housekeeping and Maintenance

Emily Hancock
Emily Hancock

April 15, 2019

Last week, our Founder & CEO, Jeremiah Gall, was featured in HomeAway’s ‘Clean Sweep’ webinar, where he addressed the rising challenges of property care. In case you weren’t able to join us, we’ve summarized three key ways managers can leverage technology to simplify housekeeping and maintenance operations:

Takeaway #1: Streamlining property operations starts with organized and efficient communication among your team.

Managers currently spend 54% of their time coordinating maintenance and turns, in part due to clunky communication by way of text, group messages, and voicemail. Having one place to facilitate and track your communication will save countless hours in distributing messages across reservation, cleaning and maintenance crews. Being able to alert your team with status updates and issues in real time keeps you on top of incomplete tasks, in-house guest requests, and schedule changes.

How Technology Simplifies Housekeeping and Maintenance-1

Takeaway #2: Arm your property care with detailed brand standards, and use mobile checklists for customized cleans and inspections at each unit.

76% of guests expect a personalized rental experience, and owners have different requests about how items are cared for and arranged in their homes. With so many different preferences to account for, manual processes like paper checklists simply won’t cut it in today’s competitive landscape. Digitizing the instructions you give your staff builds a cohesive program that helps define the personality of your properties, and ensures a more consistent guest experience. Technology can provide automation that takes guess work out of housekeeping and maintenance, and decreases the chance that details fall through the cracks.

Takeaway #3: Leverage tech that archives deep property data to drive more predictive task management.

Short-term rental property managers spend an average of 200 hours of work at each unit per year. Capturing insights from all that work drives efficiencies throughout your property management business. From preventative maintenance programs to user planning and GPS tracking, property operations technology uses data to eliminate manual work, and refocuses your time on what really matters – delivering a perfect guest experience.


With so many aspects to property management, it is time to let technology do the heavy lifting. Utilize data to the fullest by implementing repeatable workflows, centralizing team communication and cutting out hours of manual work in the process. By automating property operations, managers are given the opportunity to focus more of their efforts on the guest experience, and overall guest satisfaction. To learn more about where time is being spent in terms of property operations, check out our ‘Property Care by the Numbers infographic’