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Wynwood House chooses Breezeway to scale its operations across multi-market destinations and deliver its brand promise.

With an inventory of more than 1,000 accommodations ranging from studios to luxury penthouses, Wynwood House understands the importance of operational efficiency. Their brand appeals to young, modern travelers traveling to Latin American destinations, and they have seen rapid growth since 2019 by focusing on providing a network of apartments and villas for short, medium and long stays. Today, Wynwood House operates in 4 countries - Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Panama, with plans to expand to three additional markets in the next 18 months. 

We sat down with Co-Founder, Juan Garay, to understand the impact Breezeway has had on its operations since implementing the platform earlier in the year and how they view future expansion opportunities.


The Situation:


As a growing company operating in 4 countries, the team at Wynwood House understood that relying on Excel spreadsheets, ticketing systems and manual effort wouldn’t allow them to meet the impressive growth plans in place. Without a centralized platform, they struggled to understand what people were doing, audit the team’s bandwidth to operate most efficiently and consistently deliver on their motto of “Home Experience, Hotel Quality.”

The Solution:


Since implementing Breezeway alongside their PMS Guesty, the Wynwood team has seen immediate cost savings and plans to roll the platform out across additional markets. With more visibility into the team’s efficiency, they can better understand the work being done and better forecast staffing needs as they begin operating in new markets. Additionally, the team has improved the quality of maintenance they provide homeowners, resulting in fewer issues and higher reviews.

  • $30K Cost Savings per year due to improved staff efficiency
  • 1,400 Beds Across 4 Markets
  • $120K Saved on annual maintenance costs to Wynwood House


An Impressive Platform that Delivers a Comprehensive Solution


As Wynwood House grew, the need for a technology solution to enable its operations team to be more efficient became necessary. After evaluating several solutions, the team chose Breezeway because of the depth of features and ability for customization. With a portfolio of more than 1,000 unique apartments, a one-size-fits-all approach would not work. Breezeway’s solution was comprehensive enough to support their growth plans while still user-friendly enough to ensure adoption by their field staff and vendors. Garay notes, “Operations isn’t just housekeeping and maintenance. Our warehouse, laundry and 3rd party providers also use Breezeway to ensure Wynwood House standards and protocols are followed and to ensure everything is accounted for.”


Utilizing Resources Where They Can Be Most Effective


Wynwood House chose Mexico as their beta market to ensure success and started using Breezeway with their local team. They planned to learn, iterate and scale before rolling the platform out to additional markets. Since implementing the tool, the team has been able to begin capturing photos in a scalable fashion through Breezeway, instead of relying on WhatsApp. This change proved to give them better insight into the performance of housekeeping. 

Garay notes that “implementing any new software can be difficult when you run complex operations; but once it’s complete, it’s worth it.” They’ve been able to develop internal champions that will help make other market deployments even more successful and plan to hire a Breezeway expert to ensure each location learns from one another, while capitalizing on the robust suite of products Breezeway offers. While Garay notes that “in addition to increased guest satisfaction, lower maintenance costs and an impressive 4.8 ranking as an Airbnb Superhost (up from 4.7), Wynwood House has also been able to save money on salaries.” With more than 500 full-time employees, Wynwood House now has the visibility to better understand how people are working. They’ve been able to perfect the ratio of people to property for staffing and will lean on these learnings as they expand. 

Aligned with these newfound insights, Wynwood House has reassigned team members who previously focused on scheduling into alternative roles and reduced salaried positions by more than $30,000 annually in just one market. 


Increased Accountability Decreases Maintenance Costs to Wynwood House


In just the few months since implementing Breezeway, the team has not only seen substantial salary cost savings, but has experienced increased efficiency in their operational processes and been able to optimize their work more effectively. In doing so, they have been able to better allocate maintenance expenses. Prior to Breezeway, Wynwood House was assuming certain maintenance fees, but now that they have more visibility, including photos and job receipts they have been able to identify an additional $50K in maintenance revenue. Garay stated “being able to showcase our improved maintenance optimization, highlights the value we provide and drives confidence in the homeowner’s decision to join the Wynwood House rental program.” 


A New Partnership With a Long-Term Vision


Successful implementation of any new technology takes time and patience, but the extensive benefits already felt by Wynwood House since implementing Breezeway, reiterates that they made the correct choice in selecting Breezeway as their partner. While they have internal champions who understand how Wynwood House utilizes the platform, they will lean on the robust Implementation & Training programs Breezeway offers to ensure the efficient rollout of the platform in the remaining markets and as they expand, which will allow their team to continue focusing on delivering 5-star experiences to thousands of guests who choose Wynwood House for their accommodation provider. 

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