How Breezeway's Safety Program Secured StayLakeNorman Luxury Vacation Homes' Guest & Owner Safety


StayLakeNorman Luxury Vacation Homes offers luxury, lakeside living for renters in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina. Director of Operations, Caleb Hannon, is a Breezeway Safety client and a Breezeway certified Short-Term Rental Safety Inspector, who experienced for himself the importance of implementing safety in vacation rentals.




The Problem:


Consistent safety standards have not yet been established in the vacation rental industry. Right now, it is up to managers to educate themselves on building code, OSHA regulations, and local ordinances, and decide what level of safety preparation is right for their properties and customers. With little safety guidelines in place for the industry, many managers follow the practice “what's safe at my house must be safe for renters.”


The Solution:


Through connecting with Breezeway’s Head of Safety, Justin Ford, Caleb and StayLakeNorman Luxury Vacation Homes were able to elevate their safety standards with a proactive approach to securing their properties. With himself and four members of his team taking the course and receiving certification, Caleb and StayLakeNorman are better equipped to protect their guests, owners, and their own liability.


StayLakeNorman was started by husband-and-wife team, Lawrie and Frances, who built and designed luxury rental homes with an “urban contemporary” theme to differentiate themselves from older homes in their market. Within two years, they were the top performing vacation rentals on Lake Norman. With this entrepreneurial spirit, the duo started their own vacation rental management company specializing in luxury vacation homes and offering premium services to guests.


Realizing the Gap in Safety Measures 


Prior to adopting an established safety program, StayLakeNorman followed the rules and regulations set forth by the Real Estate Commission, North Carolina state law, and relied on common-sense to establish their safety measures - steps that are standard and even advanced in the vacation rental industry.

Looking to bring their safety protocols to the next level and reduce liability, Caleb started Breezeway’s safety course. He quickly realized there was much more to do to make sure that guests are as safe in a vacation rental as they are in a hotel or any other commercial space. Caleb, specifies, “We’re in this industry because we love hospitality, we love providing an opportunity and experience to someone that far outweighs their expectations. In order to provide that, we have to make sure safety never even crosses their mind. The only way we can do that is by making sure we've done everything we can to provide a seamless experience and prevent an incident from occurring and we identified we needed to follow a trusted program to achieve that.”


Tying Safety to Property Operations


Once a Breezeway certified short-term rental inspector, Caleb quickly got to work executing course learnings at StayLakeNorman’s portfolio of properties. Implementing anything new can be a challenge, but with the topic of vacation rental safety being a priority, StayLakeNorman’s owners and managers immediately saw the value of the program.

To make safety a part of their standard practices, the company first had to adapt their current properties to meet safety standards. This involved investing in new connected smoke detectors and CO2 alarms, repositioning fire extinguishers, updating dryer vents, and more. Once they were able to establish what updates were needed at each property, they allocated the appropriate resources and personnel to get it done.

With their portfolio meeting current safety codes, StayLakeNorman is now able to take a proactive approach to safety. The first thing they do when taking on a new client is go through a safety checklist at the property. They also tie these safety standards to their regular inspections and have better organized their operations to continue to raise the bar when it comes to safety. StayLakeNorman is now on the path to certifying every single one of their properties and all of their technicians and managers. Recognizing the benefits, Caleb finds “knowing our properties are well above the standard in safety and are keeping guests safe, made implementing this program necessary. When a new property comes on board and completes a safety inspection and has safety measures in place, I can rest assured that the property is ready for guests.”

“As our industry becomes more professionalized, we're learning that there are more and more steps we need to take to make sure that our guests are just as safe as if they are in a hotel or any other commercial space - and Breezeway sets the standard for that.” - Caleb Hannon, Director of Operations at StayLakeNorman Luxury Vacation Homes 


Establishing Peace of Mind in Property Safety


Because of Caleb’s quick effort to implement safety, he was able to protect his guests from a potentially dangerous situation. “We ended up having a grill fire at one of our properties but because we had the fire extinguishers mounted on the walls and clearly visible, the guest knew exactly where they were and was able to get the fire out before any damage or anybody was hurt.” These types of accidents aren't common in the industry, but the situation further emphasized the importance of taking these proactive safety measures and reiterated to StayLakeNorman the benefits of being safety certified. Caleb understands: “There's no replacement for a safe vacation. When we got the call from the guest who was able to quickly find the extinguisher to put out a grill fire — it was obvious to us that this is just one of the reasons we’ll continue to inspect our homes using Breezeway.”

Outside of reactionary incidents, having safety standards in place has also helped Caleb and his team save time and reduce guest and owner complaints. With increased attention to preventative maintenance and by tying safety measures into their operations, their inspections are now more thorough than ever and help them identify and resolve problems before they arise for guests. Tackling these fixes with owner’s support has also been much smoother. Caleb says, “the Breezeway certification course really helps explain why some of these precautions are in place and helps you explain the importance of it to others.” As a result, communicating the fixes and repairs that need to happen have become a lot easier and owner relations have improved at StayLakeNorman. StayLakeNorman’s commitment to safety has allowed managers and owners to work together towards a common goal of providing safe and luxurious stays for their guests.

“There's no replacement for a safe vacation. When we got the call from the guest who was able to quickly find the extinguisher to put out a grill fire — it was obvious to us that this is just one of the reasons we’ll continue to inspect our homes using Breezeway.”
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