Safety is one of the hottest topics in vacation rentals.

Breezeway's free home safety review helps you ensure your guests have high-quality and safe rental experiences.

You'll gain peace of mind, boost your property listing, lower your insurance premiums, and drive more bookings. 

Here's the deal: 


  • Tell us a little about your rental property in the form on the right, and we'll spin up your customized inspection account within a few hours.
  • You'll run through your own rental property using Breezeway's mobile app, and easily complete each step of the safety inspection.
  • You'll be done in just a few minutes, then we'll send you a summary of your work.

Breezeway's self-guided safety inspection was a simple process that has given me peace of mind to ensure guest safety. As a Proper Insurance customer, it was an added bonus to find out they provided a discount as further incentive in showing this commitment. 




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Breezeway's mobile app was incredibly easy to use, and going through the self-guided safety inspection was a very seamless process! I'm so happy to have certified my vacation rental as safe and now have peace of mind in the safety of my properties and guests.



Princeville, HI

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Breezeway's certification was exactly what I needed, and provided several helpful recommendations on the smoke detector, mounting placement, and more. I feel confident that my vacation rental property is safe, and positioned well to provide the perfect rental experience.




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