Essentials and Supplies for Better Guest Experiences

A big part of providing best-in-class service and experiences is ensuring that vacation rental homes are well-stocked with supplies and amenities. The modern traveler expects their home away from home to ‘wow’ them, and delivering on this promise has become table stakes for hosts and managers. Sourcing and replenishing quality products is difficult to manage, and adds to the increasing complexity of managing a short-term rental operation. Different markets, geographies, or environments may cater to a different set of essentials, but it’s important to consider everything a guest may need throughout their stay, and the implications for your brand and bottom line. 

In partnership with sojo, we’ve curated this checklist to identify common amenities and supplies to help you elevate property quality and guest service. You can utilize this resource to amend your current program, and feel free to reach out with any questions.


Download Checklist

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