Hiring a Cleaner for Your Vacation Rental Property

Jeremiah Gall
Jeremiah Gall

June 26, 2018

If you’re in the vacation rental property business, then you’ve surely hired a cleaning service before! While there are a lot of benefits in doing so, picking the right cleaner for your vacation rental is critical. The wrong cleaner can leave your properties dirty, tainting your guest’s experience and damaging your brand image. Follow along as we outline the steps property managers should take to select and on-board the right cleaner.

Consider Your Options & Risks

You have a few different types of cleaners to consider: full-time employees, self-employed cleaners, or a cleaning contractor. Whichever type you chose, it’s in your best interest to hire those who are fully insured so that you aren’t liable for accidents that occur on your property. Make sure to get acquainted with policies put forth by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. The administration requires that all employers distribute safety data sheets surrounding hazardous workplace chemicals to employees and contractors. It’s imperative to stay complaint to protect against future legal issues!

Recruit a Cleaner

Whether you’re looking for a contractor or a full-time employee, you should cast a wide net with your recruiting efforts, so that you can ultimately hire the right person for the job. There are many different marketing strategies you can use, and it doesn’t hurt to start with the standard approach of posting your job request to online boards and attending job fairs. You might find that creative techniques are more fruitful; like tapping into your network through social media posts, and distributing flyers at libraries, teachers lounges, post offices, churches, gyms, coffee shops etc. Lastly, consider creating a recruiting referral program. This leverages your existing employees and contractors to recruit on your behalf, and you can incentivize your network by offering a reward to those who successfully place candidates.

Gauge the Fit

Now that you’ve have created your pool of options, it’s time to trim down the list. Initiate a short phone call and subsequent in-person interview. Pay close attention to how your call is answered. If you left a message, how long was it before you received a return call? How did they present themselves when coming in for an interview? Were they professional, thoughtfully dressed and friendly (remember, your cleaners will be representing your company’s brand)? You should test your candidate’s industry knowledge, and make sure the candidate values timing and communication.

Close the Deal

Ask contracts for professional references, and make sure to follow up with them as soon as possible. Reputation is a big factor when considering a cleaner for the job, so perform online research and due diligence. If hiring for a full-time employee, then consider running basic background checks, as you can never be to sure in this area. Give them an opportunity to complete a trial clean and let them show you what they’ve learned.

Your selection should be the candidate or company that has proven skills and professionalism that are up to par. Now you can relax knowing your vacation rental operation is one step closer to being prepared for a profitable season!