Announcing our Partnership with Brivo

Emily Hancock
Emily Hancock

June 16, 2021

The pandemic has spurred many new travel trends, including a shorter booking window and longer reservations. This has expanded the scope of work for property care teams, making it all-the-more important to access properties and start turnovers as early as possible. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Brivo, a leading solution for property access and security. Brivo bought Parakeet in 2020, and now specializes in managing hundreds of properties’ smart home devices that includes locks, thermostats, sensors, garage doors, and more. 

By connecting Brivo to Breezeway’s property operations platform, vacation rental operators can now save more time and money, and deliver a better service experience to guests and owners. Specifically, Breezeway and Brivo will work together to help managers provide more security in the properties they manage, and drive more efficiencies for housekeeping staff and property care teams.

When a guest checks out of a property, Breezeway will receive signal from Brivo’s technology and subsequently notify staff who have assigned tasks at that unit. Lock codes are included in these notifications, so teams can easily access the property and begin their work ahead of schedule. 

“Automation is the key to success in the vacation rental industry,” said Jeremy Gall, Founder & CEO of Breezeway. “As the amount of work that property managers are tasked with continues to grow, it's never been more imperative to integrate smart technology into your operation. That's what we’re offering through our integration with Brivo -- a way for managers to connect two systems they’re already using to automate manual efforts and increase efficiency throughout their business”. 

Birvo & Breezeway

Monica Snyder, Sales Manager at Brivo, is equally excited about the partnership. “Because both of our platforms help streamline your day-to-day processes, so the partnership makes all the sense in the world. Breezeway automates your daily operations, and Brivo manages your guest access experience. Our solutions working in tandem are cost-effective, and will eliminate the need to control these functions manually.”


To learn more about Brivo, visit their website here. You can also contact Monica directly at