Better Marketing for your Vacation Rental Company

Jeremiah Gall
Jeremiah Gall

May 25, 2018

The vacation rental industry has never been more competitive, and attracting new guests is an ongoing challenge each year. Even if your company is confident in its inventory, operations and customer service, it can still be tough to separate from the crowd. Marketing your vacation rentals can seem overwhelming, but it might not require as much time and energy as you think. Follow these 5 tips to increase your online presence, rank hire in search results, and increase your chances of out-booking your competitors!

Social Media

If you want to successfully market your vacation rental company then you best be on social media! No matter what platform you choose to leverage, it’s important to be active. Try to post at least every other day and remember to promptly respond to comments and messages in a friendly manner. Consider creative ways to engage your audience and harness the power of social media; such as a photo content that encourages guests to share their favorite vacation pictures (with a hashtag and link to your website) in exchange for an opportunity to win a free stay. People trust their followers on social media, so a positive review from a friend is a great acquisition channel.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Does your company appear when people search for vacation rentals in your area? Choosing the right keywords and paying for ads can be effective but are not the only methods to move up in search results. Content is king these days. Having an active blog, vlog, or podcast on your site establishes brand trust and improves search result rankings. Once a prospect lands on your website, ensure your site is well-designed and easy to navigate. Large format photos of your properties and virtual tours are major selling points and can improve your website.


Register with online review sites and actively pursue guest reviews. Don’t be timid about asking a guest to leave a review, particularly if you know they had an enjoyable experience. Always be sure to follow up with negative reviews as well. While you should refrain from apologizing for a bad online review, acknowledge the issue and provide context on how it was resolved. Not only does this show that you care about your guests’ experience, but it gives you valuable insight into future improvements.

Creative Mail

Send your future guests something they won’t immediately throw away. Branded sunscreen packets, magnets, or a trip planner checklist may cost more than your average postcard, but these items will more easily bring your brand to mind. These types of creative marketing campaigns show homeowners that your property management company goes above and beyond.


This marketing method is tried and trusted. Nobody likes spam, so remember to supply your prospects with something useful (as opposed to filling their inbox with your latest promotions, sales, and homes). Create content that will drive guests to visit your area and then provide them with the means to book a stay.