30A Escapes Provides Better Services to Guests and Owners with Breezeway & Track's Integrated Tools

30A Escapes is a property management company offering over 200 luxury vacation rentals in 30A, Florida. We spoke with Dylan Bozarth, General Manager of 30A Escapes, to understand how technology impacts their business.


The Situation:


30A Escapes operates high-end properties on a large scale. Using Track as their PMS, 30A Escapes had a handle on managing reservations, but needed a better grasp on operations to help organize all of the work that goes on at each property between reservations. With our existing integration with Track, Breezeway was the perfect complement to their current tech stack.

The Solution:


Since integrating Track and Breezeway, 30A Escapes has reached its goal of doing business better. They implemented processes for cleaning and maintenance, and as a result, achieved more organization, more efficiency, and more profitability. With these efficiencies, 30A Escapes will continue to grow and add new properties with the peace of mind that their operations will seamlessly scale with them. 

  •  40 Hours saved per week through employee efficiency
  •  10X Employee retention/satisfaction 
  • 30% Increase in profitability of maintenance program


Establishing a profitable maintenance program


Prior to implementing Breezeway, 30A Escapes was getting by storing property information in Google Sheets and communicating tasks across departments via Slack. But to provide a higher level of service to guests and homeowners, Dylan knew they could be doing more and equip their staff with better tools to accomplish that.

Tracking, documenting, and reporting work done at their hundreds of properties was historically one of 30A Escapes’ biggest operational challenges. For example, when maintenance issues came up, their previous workarounds were time-consuming and clunky, and as a result, their team wasn’t using them. “With Breezeway, we can now track time worked accurately, including the cost of parts and the labor, within the work order, and easily send it to our team to review, and add to the Owner Statement.” Now instead of being a drain on their business, maintenance is actually profitable. 

Dylan added that this level of documentation with Breezeway also improved their relationship with owners. “With Breezeway, we have records for every inspection, every time the house was cleaned, what maintenance was done, if there were any damages, and homeowners are really blown away by that.” 

Especially with high-end, luxury homes, every owner has different expectations, a decorative spin, or a specific way they want their house presented to guests, and before Breezeway they had no way to track or meet these requests. Now they can showcase all of the work their teams do and their commitment to providing a luxurious experience, which is a huge selling point.

Watch how Dylan Bozarth manages 30a Escapes' vacation rental maintenance program in Breezeway.


Improving employee satisfaction and retention


With the connectivity between Track and Breezeway, Dylan and his team are able to automate tasks based on reservation data and implement processes that help set his team up for success. Their maintenance, housekeeping, inspection, and call center departments all use Breezeway to manage their work in the field. 

30A Escapes also meticulously tracks, documents, and updates all property information in Breezeway. For example, a vendor or member of staff can easily look in Breezeway to find information like, the door code, what type of appliance they are fixing to get the right part, where the water shut off is, or any HOA information based on the neighborhood. With processes like this in place, 30A Escapes also saw a huge improvement in employee productivity and retention. 

“With the organization that Breezeway brought, employee retention has increased tenfold. The team is now much more cohesive. We work together, and our departments can now really communicate together through one common medium, which is Breezeway. Everybody has a much better grasp on what's happening at each of our properties and what they need to do.” - Dylan Bozarth, General Manager, 30A Escapes


Hear how Breezeway helped improve internal communication and efficiency at 30a Escapes.


Connecting guest communication to operations


The value of this connected workspace through Track and Breezeway also helped improve the guest experience. “There's no better software than Pulse in my opinion for the call center. When a call comes into the Track Pulse call center, the team is able to use Breezeway to find the information they need about the property or if there’s an issue, they can create a task for maintenance or housekeeping to triage that issue right away and communicate the solution to the guest.”

Now 30A Escapes has a model for both reservations and operations through Track and Breezeway that is efficient and scalable. With happier guests, more efficient staff, and better documentation for owners, 30A Escapes is able to do more with less and continue to grow because of the stability that these technologies brought to the business.

Use Breezeway's all-in-one dashboard to quickly answer guest questions and streamline staff communication.


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